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Tara Matthews

Tara Matthews refers to herself as a global soul – born in Delhi to an Indian mother and an English Diplomat father. His job with the UN meant she was always travelling – by the time she was 6 weeks old she had been to Asia, Africa and Europe – and this pattern continues to this day. She has lived in Cameroon, Austria, New York, Bhutan, Cambodia. Los Angeles and London, but Corsica is the place that inspires her most.

It was on a trip to Brazil where Tara’s career path took hold. She was struck by the confidence she saw in Brazilian women – real women, not all Gisele look-alikes – who nevertheless were at ease with their bodies and wore their swimwear with pride. She also learned the secrets of Brazilian design by studying the local cuts and determined to share her discoveries and that unique Brazilian confidence with women around the globe, she decided to create her own line.


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